Brødre (Brothers)

Bakery in Tejn

Bertram No is bitten by bread and in the spring of 2021 he started the bakery Brødre in Tejn.

Bertram previously worked at the gourmet bakery Bröd on Enghave Plads in the middle of Copenhagen, but now he has bought and refurbished the old bakery in Tejn.



For the North Bornholm port city has long needed a bakery, the young baker says, who also dreams of including the bakery’s old courtyard, so that summer tourists and hungry residents in the city can eat homemade pizzas here.

The idea with the bakery is otherwise to keep the range down, but the quality up with good ingredients and good taste to everyone who put their teeth into the bread from Tejn.



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 2633 3891




Nordre Strandvej 57

3770 Allinge


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