ivandet (in the water) is located at Isværket (the iceplant) at Tejn Harbor, from where visitors can go discovering below the sea surface.

Summer activities

During the summer months, ivandet is open at Isværket. Here it will be possible to get in the water with waders, fishing nets and water binoculars, or with a wetsuit and snorkel. We are ready with stories about what you see, capture and experience, as well as good advice to make the experience in and under the water better. We have activities for children and adults of all ages in both rain and sunshine.

Wiser on the Baltic Sea

We want to become wiser on the Baltic Sea around Bornholm. Therefore, you will also sometimes meet researchers and students who study the secrets of the Baltic Sea from Tejn Harbor. The knowledge we have and gain through this research we will forward to everyone who comes by. This can happen both during our general opening hours, or when we have special events and classes at Vestkajen 7.

So, visit us and get an experience for the whole family that also makes you wiser on the sea around us.


Opening hours and events are regularly shown on instagram, but do contact us if you are interested in us doing something special for you. kontakt@ivandet.dk 



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 2228 3080

E-mail kontakt@ivandet.dk



Vestkajen 7, Tejn

3770 Allinge

Tejn Havn

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