Sandkås beach

Experience the beautiful Sandkås beach.

In the beautiful northern part of Bornholm
Sandkås beach is located in the beautiful northern part of Bornholm, beautifully situated among the rocks. You will find the beach of Sandkås between Tejn and Allinge, and as the name indicates, there’s lots of sand.

Small- and big Sandkås
You can either go left or right when arriving at the parking lot. If you turn left, you’ll come to Big Sandkås, a small bay area with a lovely beach.

If you instead turn right, you come to small Sandkås. At this place, you’ll find a jetty and a “kids pool”. Boulders have been placed to frame in a small piece of beach. They prevent the waves from reaching the inner part of the waters, making it the perfect place for small children.


Parking and facilities
There is a parking area close to the beach and also public restrooms. The beach also has a small kiosk and a jetty during the summer.

Walk along the coast to Allinge
From Sandkås beach, you can walk along the scenic coastal path to Allinge. A beautiful walk that is highly recommended and leads you right down to Næs beach.


Opening season

All year

Opening hours

Every day

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Tejnvej 100

3770 Allinge


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