Tejn Harbour

On the northern coast of Bornholm you can find Tejn Harbour – host of the annual Trolling Master Bornholm.

Tejn Harbour and Trolling Master Bornholm

Tejn Harbour is one of the biggest harbours on Bornholm and the host of the annual Trolling Master Bornholm, where approx. 400 Trolling boats compete for 4 days to catch the largest salmons.

At the harbor you can find one of the Tejn’s biggest industrial areas, toilets, a supermarket, special stores, and restaurants. If you get up early you can experience one of the most beautiful sunrises on Bornholm at Tejn Harbour. From the harbor you can walk along the coast to Tejn’s twin town Sandkås, and from here you will find the beautiful coastal path to Allinge.

Fairly close to Tejn Harbour you can find Bornholm’s Art Museum, Stammershalle Badehotel and a Golf Club.

Do you want to learn more about the harbours on Bornholm?

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