Smedjen Street Food & Events

The former blacksmith workshop at Tejn Harbor is now a setting for bubbling market activities, bar and cafe life, crafts, street food and music events.

What can you experience in Smedjen?

Smedjen is characterized by the cozy, informal atmosphere that prevails at Tejn Harbor in general.
The old halls, which housed Tejn Smedeforretning from 1943 – 2021, now form a raw, industrial setting for markets with local crafts, cultural events, street food, live music and for the cozy “Bisseline Bar”. Excellent barista coffee, good beer and wine, varied products from local producers, snacks, cafe food and much more are served here every day – regardless of which event takes place in Smedjen.
On the property you will also find the local textile artist Iben Birch Bech, who has a workshop and shop in the old administration building.

Who are we?

Smedjen was established in January 2022 by two local Bornholmers Tue Seifert Boeskov and Jakob Broberg Lind, who with their daily cafe life, markets and various cultural events, want to contribute to the exciting development that in these years characterize the North Bornholm harbor.
We are looking forward to seeing you!



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 2675 3367




Havnevej 7

3770 Allinge

Tejn Havn

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