10 historical experiences on Bornholm

Bornholm has a long and eventful history. War, but also nature itself, has characterized the island - especially because of its exposed position in the Baltic Sea.

Here are 10 museums and attractions that you should visit, if you want to know more about the history of Bornholm:


Bornholm's Defense Museum in Rønne

At the Defense Museum in Rønne you can learn more about Bornholm's defense history, climb up "Jylkatten" and witness a real German World War II Enigma machine and much more. The castle was originally used as a gunpowder warehouse, but when all guns were fired at the same time, the roof lifted and after that, they gave up trying to use the building for that purpose.

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Nexø Museum at the harbor

In Nexø they particularly remember the Swedish assault and plunder of the town in 1645 and the Soviet bombing after World War II in May 1945. Also the decline of commercial fishing in the late 1980s has marked the city very much.

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Bornholm's Museum i Rønne

At Bornholm's Museum, which was originally the city's hospital, the whole family can get to know more about Rønne and the entire history of Bornholm. See the exhibits on the Soviet bombing of Rønne in May 1945, the 250-year history of Bornholm's grandfather clocks, the many silver treasures found around Bornholm and much more

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Bunkers in the woods at Dueodde

During World War II, the germans planned a total of 4 large cannon positions in the forest at Dueodde, which was to secure the southern Baltic against the passage of enemy ships. Only two of the plants were started in 1940/41 (but never completed), and today you can visit the large concrete bunkers in the forest.

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Bornholm Tower on Dueodde

Not far from the bunkers in Dueodde, you'll will find the old military listening station, which today is the Cold War Museum - Bornholm Tower. Learn more about Bornholm's history during the Cold War, see a real fighter aircraft from Poland and the many exhibits - or enjoy Bornholm's best view from the top of the tower at 70 meters.

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Bornholm's medieval centre in Østerlars

Not far from the famous Østerlars Round Church you can visit Bornholm's medieval center. Here you can get an insight into what life in the Middle Ages was like on Bornholm. What did they eat? How did they make different tools? And what was it like living at Hammershus Castle? You can also take part in the treasure hunt that will guide you around the island.

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Hammershus castle ruin on Nothern Bornholm

You just have to see Northern Europe's largest castle ruin, which was build in the end of the 13th century. Enjoy the view overlooking the Baltic Sea all the way to the south coast of Sweden - and get a sense of how to live and rule here in the Middle Ages. You can also visit the new award-winning visitor center next to the castle ruin.

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Little Castle in Almindingen forest

On a cliff in the middle of Almindingen forest, not far from Bornholm's highest point Rytterknægten, you will find the king's old castle Lilleborg (Little Castle). It's from the 1100s and must have been burnt down in the year 1259 during a war between the people of the archdiocese (from Hammershus) and the king's people from Lilleborg (Little Castle).

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The rock carvings at Madsebakke near Allinge

Everywhere on Bornholm there are traces from the residents of the past: On Madsebakken above the town of Allinge on the northern part of the island, a large area of ​​carvings from the Bronze Age has been exposed. We don't know the meaning of the many drawings - but maybe you have your own idea of ​​what they should resemble and what they mean?

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Nature and Experience Centre in Aakirkeby

The Nature Centre, which was built in 2000, has, among other things, Denmark's largest exhibition of terrestrial dinosaurs. At the time of the dinosaurs, Bornholm was the only place in Denmark located above sea level, which is why they have found (and still finds) remains of both terrestrial dinosaurs, but also of animals that have lived in the water.

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