New York Post: Bornholm – a foodie must-visit

This hidden Scandinavian island is a foodie must-visit.

New York Post besøge Bornholm i 2017 og amerikanerne opdagede hvilken foodie-paradis Bornholm er blevet.

These days, it’s not just the weather that’s drawing visitors: It’s the food”

This hidden Scandinavian island is a foodie must-visit

Uddrag fra artiklen:

“Few Europeans — let alone Americans — could find the island of Bornholm on a map. It sits in the Baltic Sea, somewhere off the northern coast of Poland, but it’s actually Danish turf. This hidden outpost is Copenhagen residents’ version of the North Fork of Long Island: Unpretentious and relaxing, it largely consists of farms, rolling countryside and goldenrod-colored, timber-framed houses.”

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