New York Post: Bornholm – a foodie must-visit

This hidden Scandinavian island is a foodie must-visit.

These days, it’s not just the weather that’s drawing visitors: It’s the food”

New York Post visited Bornholm in 2017 and the Americans discovered the foodie-paradise, that the island has become.

During their trip to Bornholm, New York Post visited several delicious eateries such as Michelin restaurant Kadeau and the popular smokehouse in Gudhjem.

The journalist also had time to experience other businesses on the island, including HØSTET, the Bornholm sea buckthorn plantation and Johan Bülow liquorice in Svaneke.

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These places are mentioned in the New York Post article:


Kadeau Bornholm

The gourmet restaurant Kadeau - the Guide Michelin starred restaurant by the sea.


HØSTET - Havtorn Bornholm

At HOESTET everything is about sea buckthorn and you can take a walk around the sea buckthorn-plantation at 'Fløjlegård' before you go shopping in the farmshop. Sea buckthorn is not just sea buckthorn!


Gudhjem Røgeri (Smokehouse)

Gudhjem Smokehouse is the most authentic place to eat "Sol over Gudhjem" (Sun over Gudhjem). This fish speciality is made of a smoked herring, egg yolk, chives and radish - and this is just one option out of many suggestions for a delicious meal.


Norresan Gudhjem

Enjoy the sea, the joy, the silence and the delicacies at norresan café.


Lakrids by Johan Bülow

Taste one of Bornholm's delicacies at Lakrids by Johan Bülow in Svaneke.



Beautiful hotel by the sea.

This hidden Scandinavian island is a foodie must-visit

Excerpts from the article:
“This hidden outpost is Copenhagen residents’ version of the North Fork of Long Island: Unpretentious and relaxing, it largely consists of farms, rolling countryside and goldenrod-colored, timber-framed houses.”

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