Skelbro og Risebæk

Geological sight and beautiful waterfall - a hike at Skelbro and Risebæk stream offers exciting experiences.

Skelbro and Risebæk

At Skelbro, a abandoned limestone quarry can be seen, where lime was quarried for building stones and cement production until 1920. The quarry is a geological sight, and if you are lucky you can find fossils, among other things orthoceratites and trilobites.

A path can be followed from Skelbro some distance along Risebæk stream to Risegård and then down to the coast. To get to the waterfall, walk a short distance along the beach to the northwest, and then follow the creek back inland. 100 meters before the outlet, the stream forms a small waterfall, where the slate is colored by ochre.


Parking at the rest area on Søndre Landevej.

The area is protected to ensure scientific values.

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Søndre Landevej

3720 Aakirkeby

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