Experience 5 large beaches on Bornholm

There are several large beaches on Bornholm that allow you to be yourself.

After a few days on Bornholm, you might need a day to rest to just lie down and enjoy the sun on one of the beaches on Bornholm. There are several sandy beaches on Bornholm where you can relax.

On Bornholm there are beaches for everyone: Active holiday beaches, exotic lagoons, and secret local spots. Below, we have found some beaches with plenty of space for peace and relaxation – and where there is also plenty of space for the children to play.


Hasle Beach

You will find Klympen Beach just south of Hasle, where you will meet a long and wide sandy beach that is close to the forest. Here you will quickly find a place where you can be yourself. If you feel like going for a walk, you can go down to Kultippen, which resembles a lunar landscape, just south of the beach in less than ten minutes.


Antoinette Beach in Rønne

Just north of Rønne you will find a hidden gem in the forest in the form of Antoinette Beach. Here you come down a small forest path to a beach where the trees and the sand meet. The further you follow the beach up along the coast, the fewer people you meet until you reach the last part of the beach, which is considered a nudist beach. If you are into activities on the water such as windsurfing, Antoinette is particularly good at this.


Galløkken in Rønne

Just east of Rønne, you will find Galløkken Beach - where the residents of Rønne head when they need to cool off. There is plenty of space to play ball, and you can easily find a small area where you can be yourself. The beach is divided by breakwaters that create different areas on the beach, some more suitable for ball games than others.


Boderne Beach

If you want to enjoy a cozy beach with space for the whole family, Boderne Beach is a good choice. It is a long beach where you can easily find a place for yourself with plenty of space to play. Are you one of those who get restless lying on the beach? So take a trip to the cozy Stærmose shops or enjoy a refreshment in the beach kiosk before returning to the beach.


Dueodde Beach

On Dueodde Beach you will find the finest and softest white sand on Bornholm. You are greeted by a large beach that stretches as far as the eye can see and is 100 meters wide at its widest points. Although many use the beach, then you will quickly find an area where you can be yourself or play. If you're on a full-day trip, you'll find both an icehouse and restaurants near the car park.

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