Hasle Beach

Hasle beach - also called Klympen- is a very nice beach on the west coast of Bornholm.

Just south of Hasle
Just south of Hasle, you will find a lovely long beach with nice sand and perfect bathing conditions.  The wide, west-facing beach is also worth a visit at sunset.

If you go towards the south, you will find Kultippen – a moonscape made of coal dust, clay, sand and gravel from coal extraction in the area during the two World Wars.  Because of high levels of sulphur in the clay, sand and gravel, there is no vegetation in the area.

Good parking and toilet facilities
At Hasle beach, there are good parking facilities – both in the northern part of the beach near Klympen and in the southern region near the road Glasværksvej. On Glasværksvej, you will also find restrooms.

NOTE: Be aware of rip currents
At Klympen beach, rip current can occur during onshore winds. Rip currents are small rips in the sea bottom with heavy currents. Read about how to handle rip currents here.

Please read the signs on the beach before going in the water.


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Glasværksvej 1

3790 Hasle

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