Hasle beach - Lystskoven

Hasle beach - also called Lystskoven - is a very nice beach on the west coast of Bornholm.

Just south of Hasle

Just south of Hasle you will find a lovely long beach with nice sand and perfect bathing conditions. Remember to watch for the undertow thoough. The wide, west-facing beach is also worth a visit at sunset.

Good parking and toilet facilities
In the wood, by the Hasle beach here are good parking and toilet facilities – both in the northern part of the beach near Klympen and in the southern part near the road Glasværksvej.


If you go south you will find Kultippen – a moonscape made of coal dust, clay, sand og gravel from coal extraction in the area during World War 2.



  • Glasværksvej 1
  • 3790 Hasle


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