Boderne beach

Boderne on Bornholm's south coast offer a very nice sandy beach.

Boderne beach on the south side of Bornholm
At Boderne on the south side of Bornholm, you will find a charming sandy beach. Here you can find a good spot in the dunes and play on the beach. You can swim and jump off the big rocks in the water.

Boderne beach with a restaurant and a fashion store
Boderne beach starts at the little harbour, where you can also find a restaurant and a fashion store.

Parking and facilities 
You’ll find parking by Boderene and here you’ll also find restrooms and an ice cream shop.

At the end of the beach, there is a military training area that is rarely in use during the summer. If so, the beach area is closed.


Opening season

Open all year

Opening hours

Monday-Sunday Open all day

Special opening days

Special closing days




Boderne 22

3720 Aakirkeby

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