Child-friendly vacation Bornholm

Come to Bornholm and enjoy a child-friendly vacation on the Sunshine island in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

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Child-friendly vacation on Bornholm

As long as anyone can remember, Bornholm has been the island of hospitality. A natural stop in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Completely surrounded by water. 30 kilometres from coast to coast and with a lot of space for vacation. In the North a dramatic cliff coast and in the South more than 40 kilometres of sandy beaches that are perfect for children. Beaches, that invite and challenge. To gaming. To bathing. And in the middle of the island – Almindingen. One of Denmark’s largest and most beautiful forests. That’s the scenery. For vacation. Relaxation. Experiences. Cosiness. And hours, that just go by.

Bornholm Medieval Centre
Lilli’s Glasdesign og Glas-workshops

Be inspired for your next holiday

Watch this video and get carried away with your dreams - towards a holiday on Bornholm with your family.

Take your children out into the Bornholm nature

One of the best way to get around on Bornholm is riding a bike. Give it a try. Rent a bike. Go on a tour. Bornholm has more than 230 kilometres of bike trails, where you either ride on old railway trails in the middle of the nature or on small paths, through forests, where you really can feel safe and comfortable. And yes – there are only short distances. Bornholm offers a lot of experiences for both great and small – often outside in the nature. Feel your fear, embrace your fear of heights and climb in the tree tops. A few kilometres from Gudhjem, Nature Park Bornholm challenges you and your family with four different climbing tracks high up in the trees: Will power, condition and courage in beautiful surroundings. For children at all ages.

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Let your children explore the attractions of Bornholm

Visit NaturBornholm and come closer to the findings of the past. It may be ahrd to imagine – but Bornholm once was home for both turtles, earth quakes, crocodiles, enormous ferns and life-threatening, fast dinosaurs. The nature and experience centre NaturBornholm in Aakirkeby also tells the story of the time, when Bornholm was born in an inferno of fire and liquid lava and ashes. It sets the scenery for the unique Bornholm nature with words, images, sounds and smells – and a lot of activities for children. 

Visit also Brændesgårdshaven outside of Svaneke – where the locals have come for more than 100 years in order to enjoy. In the old park you’ll find an unique combination of a flower garden, animal park, play ground, rowing boats and a water park with slides, which is called the most beautiful in Denmark. 

And then we haven’t even started telling you about all the cosy coastal towns – Gudhjem, Listed, Bølshavn, about Denmark’s most beautiful town Svaneke, about the small selling booths along the roads, with potatoes, greens, berries and mushrooms. The Denmark record of most sunshine and the open workshops at the glass-blowers and ceramicists. Or about the open land pigs, the birds of prey park, the medieval centre of Bornholm, the castle ruin Hammerhus as well as the handmade candies, caramells, wine gums, licorice, ice cream and cream tops.

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Here is your guide to child-friendly attractions on Bornholm

Take your kids out and get a lot of suggestions and hints for experiences on Bornholm. Here's a little selection:

A lot of events for children on Bornholm

Keep an eye on the event calendar, that is updated with both funny and exciting events for children all-year round.
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