Sandvig beach

Sandvig beach is the most northerly beach of Bornholm.

At the foot of Hammershus
Sandvig Beach is situated at the foot of Hammerknude at the northern tip of Bornholm and is the most popular beach in the north part of the island.

Lively in the summer
Sandvig beach is always lively in summer. Children play on the beach or jump from the low rocks surrounded by sand. Adults sprawl on the sand, enjoy ball games or seek refuge among the outlying rocks.



Access to the beach
There are several wheelchair-accessible trails from the parking lot. In 2015 the beach got a new bathing jetty, and the lifeguards from TRYG are on duty all summer.

Sandvig beach is close to everything
At Sandvig beach, everything is close at hand, that is to say, the town of Sandvig with its hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, shops and bus services; a campsite; tennis courts; kiosk; parking. And if you get tired of basking in the sun, Hammerknuden is always worth the walk.


Opening season

All year

Opening hours

Every day

Special opening days

Special closing days




Sandlinien 5

3770 Allinge

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