5 best Instagram spots on Bornholm

Bornholm is a fantastic island if you are interested in taking pictures and finding the most beautiful surroundings. Here you get 5 suggestions for the best Instagram spots on Bornholm.

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The Opal Lake

Don't miss a trip to the northern part of the island, to experience The Opal Lake (Opalsøen) - one of the oldest quarries on the island. The view from here is something extraordinary compared to other places in Denmark. A guarantee for great photos no matter the weather.



You may have visited Hammershus numerous times, but try going there at another time than you normally would. Hammershus is beautiful in a snow covered landscape in winter, in the autumn sun or an early summer morning. Explore the area around Hammershus, which is quite unique.


The Camel Heads

At the foot of Hammershus you will find this rocky part that resembles camel heads, and another that looks like lion heads (The lion heads are best seen from the beach or water). Unusual rock formations that you don't want to miss.


Dueodde beach

Dueodde beach is one of the best beaches in Europe. The sand here is so ultra-fine that it once was used for hourglasses. From here, you can take pictures as far as the eye can see as Dueodde beach stretches for several kilometres. Take the stairs up to the lighthouse and experience the fantastic view over the coastal area.


Bunker at Dueodde

It gives a rush through the body to experience history as close as you do when visiting the WWII bunkers at Dueodde. It was supposed to have some 17 meter long guns that could shoot 42 kilometres and thus close all entry from the east. You can read more and get directions by clicking on the picture.

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