Camel Heads and Lion Heads

In a little bay just beneath Hammershus Castle Ruin, you'll see a cliff formation which looks like animal heads.

Kamelhovederne (Camel Heads) on a little rock in the sea
If you walk along the coastal path just beneath Hammershus Castle Ruin, you’ll recognize a very unique formation of cliffs in the water. On top of the rock you can see two formations that almost look like animal heads. These are called Kamelhovederne (Camel Heads) or Hundehovederne (Dog Heads).

Løvehovederne (the Lion Heads) can be seen best from the beach or from the water
Løvehovederne or the Lion Heads on the contrary is a formation to the right (that is north) of the Camel Heads formation. The Lion Heads can best be seen down from the beach or from the water. All formations have been shaped by the sea in the poriferous cliffs.


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