Visit the Visual Artists on Bornholm

The special light and the unique scenery has drawn uncountably many visual artists to the island for generations.

Big, well-known names – and almost unknown artists

On one hand visual arts are works from prominent, well-known painters, like Holger Drachmann, Karl Isakson, Oluf Høst and others, which you can see in the Bornholm Art Museums.

The current and maybe almost unknown visual artists are also creating works of high quality, which you can experience on the island. In the past, they painted things as they “were”, however today the pieces are much more a reflection of the society that the artists are a part of and are also part of a continuous on-going change.

A broad spectre of visual artists on Bornholm

Therefore you’ll find many different fields between the island’s many visual artists. And it’s not just the painters, but also the sculptors or those, who use a computer to create their pictures – all of them are visual artists.

Many visual artists have their own atelier, a gallery or a workshop on Bornholm, which you can visit. Here you can see the artists’ pieces and talk to the creator of the works in person.

→ Here you can meet visual artists on Bornholm


Bornholms Kunstrunde and other art events on Bornholm

Bornholms Art Tour in spring is the most significant event on Bornholm related to visual arts throughout the year. But also during the Bornholm Culture Week in late summer visual arts are represented. You can always visit The Art Museum of Bornholm’s, Erichsens Gård’s, Oluf Høst Museum’s and Gudhjem Museum’s permanent and changing exhibitions to get an impression of, what Bornholm visual artists have and had on their mind.

If you want to be a visual artist yourself

Do you want to grab a paintbrush and start painting? Or do you want to create a sculpture? Then participate in the workshops that are held during the Bornholm Culture Week. Sign up for a workshop on Bornholms Folk High School – or keep an eye out for the artists own workshops and classes, that you also can find in our event calendar:

→ Here you can see all art-related events, classes and workshops on Bornholm


Here you can meet Bornholms visual artists

Find a selection of the many visual artists and exhibition places on Bornholm here:

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