Glass and glass blowers on Bornholm

On Bornholm you will find many glass blowers - each with their own style. The glass blowers on Bornholm are often inspired by the light and the beautiful sea surrounding Bornholm.

Glass and art glass blowers on Bornholm

You will most certainly be fascinated by the creative powers and small miracles of the many glass blowers on Bornholm. Bornholm’s glass blowers provide a glimpse of how sand and fire, combined with the force of their lungs and the right technology, are transformed into elaborate articles for everyday use or beautiful one-offs.

Glass with simple shapes and bright Bornholm colours

At some of Bornholm’s glass blowers, you can discover beautiful and functional glass, bowls and dishes in simple shapes and bright colours, as well as many exciting one-of-a-kind objects. Other glass blowers play with the light, the yarn of the fishermen, the farmer’s ear of corn, jet streams from the planes or simply a forgotten piece of rope. And other glass blowers have items such as beautiful pearls in cheery colours, which is what they focus on.

Working studios and workshops for the entire family

At most glass blowers on Bornholm, you can experience the studios, where the glass blower creates the works of art. Some of Bornholm’s glass blowers also offer workshops, where you can play glass blower for a day under skilled guidance.

The Bornholm glass blowers are evolving

Over the past many years, Bornholm’s glass blowers and glass artists have evolved and created eye-catching applied art. The School of Design Bornholm in Nexø is also visible evidence of the high level, which is strengthened each year precisely due to the school.


Baltic Sea Glass

Glass craft since 1981


Pernille Bülow Glas

Pernille Bülow is at the Glass Market in Svaneke


Gudhjem Glasrøgeri

Glasrøgeriet ist situated right beside the smokehouse in Gudhjem


Small glass studio in Balka

Glød Glas Studio works to combine traditional Venetian glass techniques with a modern expression in their unique glass works.

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