Bornholms Kulturuge (Culture Week)

Every September, when Bornholm’s late summer is at its warmest and most colourful, Culture Week invites you to indulge in a full 10 days of culture, where you get to immerse yourself in daily cultural events held all over the island.

Experience Bornholm Culture Week in September

Bornholm Culture Week is a big and wide-ranging cultural festival that gives you the opportunity to experience practically every type of culture known to man. The festival always takes place in week 38, but seven days is never enough! So this year, Bornholm Culture Week 2024 will run from Friday 13 to Sunday 22 September.


Culture in breathtaking surroundings

With Bornholm’s beautiful late summer as a backdrop, you can enjoy 10 days packed with unique concerts in unconventional venues, cultural-historical town walks and guided tours themed around nature, as well as workshops, exhibitions, lectures, dance performances, theatre festivals, literary festivals, visits to artisans and, last but not least, a chance to enjoy a taste of Bornholm from the local food producers.

Explore the 9 cultural heritage sites

Discover Bornholm’s unique history and fascinating cultural history, its world-class crafts, theatre and performing arts on small and very different stages, visual arts, multiple genres of music (both classical and rhythmic), gastronomy with local food, a literary festival with authors from Bornholm and wider Denmark, and of course the unique Bornholm scenery.

The Culture Week programme is split into 9 different culture streams, and you can pick and choose between these to put together your own personal festival schedule.

Culture Week has some regular events, the oldest of which is the “Out of Season” concert series. This is the Culture Week flagship, headed by Danish singer and songwriter Steffen Brandt from TV 2, and it draws quite the crowd year after year.

The Culture Week wristband: Your admission ticket

You can support Culture Week by buying a Culture Week wristband. The wristband costs DKK 100 and is required for everyone over the age of 15. All proceeds from wristbands go directly to Culture Week organisers and events.

No wristband – no culture week.

Buy your wristband at Bornholm’s Welcome Centre in Rønne.

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