Bornholm’s Culture Week

Every year in week 38, at the peak of the late summer, the culture week invites you to participate and indulge in cultural events every day around the whole island.

Bornholm's Culture Week has slowly but surely evolved into a wide-ranging event with almost all forms of art represented. This year the Culture Week commences from Friday, September 16, 2022 to Sunday, September 25, 2022.

More than 100 cultural experiences in only 10 days Your days will be filled with unique concerts in untraditional places and guided walks within the historical culture. Explore nature, join in on our workshops and see our plays and exhibits.

For the 22nd year, we introduce you to our fantastic Culture Week in Bornholm.

For each day during the Culture Week we will set focus on one of Bornholms’ local places, where the ongoing activities will be. Therefore, the Culture Week is a great opportunity for you to travel throughout the island end see the beautiful scenarios during the late summer.

On our Facebook page, you can follow us on our preparations and get to know our wonderful artists for the coming Culture Week.

Explore the 9 cultural trails

You can experience Bornholm’s distinctive and cultural history, world-class crafts, theater and performing arts on small and varied stages, visual arts, music in different genres – both classical and rhythmic, gastronomy with local food, a literature festival with both Bornholm and other Danish authors and finally, you can experience the completely unique nature of Bornholm.

The Culture Week’s program is divided into 9 different “cultural trails” that you can pick and put together for your own personal festival.

The Culture Week has three recurrent events, the oldest of which is the concert series ‘Off-season’ (danish: Udenfor sæsonen), where Steffen Brandt lets well-known, established artists perform in new contexts with young, new talents. The project was awarded in 2011 by the Swedish Arts Council’s Music Committee for its unique character.
In 2022 visitors will experience theatre festivals, literature festivals, exhibitions, workshops and much more!

Welcome to the Culture Week on Bornholm!

All about Bornholm's Culture Week

On Bornholm’s culture week’s own website, you can find updated information about this year’s events.

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