Bornholm’s Culture Week

Every year in week 38, at the peak of the late summer, the culture week invites you to participate and indulge in cultural events every day around the whole island.

Bornholm's Culture Week has slowly but surely evolved into a wide-ranging event with almost all forms of art represented. This year the Culture Week commences from Friday, September 17, 2021 to Sunday, September 26, 2021.

Recurrent events during Bornholm’s Culture Week

The Culture Week has three recurrent events, the oldest of which is the concert series ‘Off-season’ (danish: Udenfor sæsonen), where Steffen Brandt lets well-known, established artists perform in new contexts with young, new talents. The project was awarded in 2011 by the Swedish Arts Council’s Music Committee for its unique character.

Since 2012, classical music has gained its counterpart to ‘Off-season’ with mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini’s concerts. This project is called Classical on the Edge (danish: Klassisk på kanten) and presents theatre and music on the same stage. Andrea Pellegrini and accordion-virtuoso Bjarke Mogensen perform with invited classical musicians in the beautiful old Rønne Theater.

The food culture made its entry into Bornholm’s Culture Week in 2015 based on the first regional food culture house in Denmark called “gaarden”, which is next to Melstedgård agricultural museum outside Gudhjem. Here a Food Culture Festival opens, where the local produce plays a leading role. Mette Martinussen provides a mix of food art and staging, so the surprises are in line.


Many different cultural events throughout the island

In addition to the recurrent events, there are several other cultural events throughout the week. History and cultural history are communicated through city walks, archaeology, exhibitions and open houses at museums and cultural institutions. Music in all genres can be experienced in churches, in exhibition venues and other venues. Jazz, blues, folk, classical music and pop/rock – everything your heart desires. Visual arts, sculptures and crafts, together with performances, films, storytelling and theatre, help create the entire diverse palette.

We collect the experiences so that there is a particular focus on a specific city every day of the cultural week where the activities are concentrated. The cultural week is, therefore, a distinct opportunity to get around the whole island and at the same time enjoy the scenery of late summer.
On Facebook, you can follow the preparations and see the presentation of the many participating artists.

All about Bornholm's Culture Week

On Bornholm’s culture week’s own website, you can find updated information about this year’s events.

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