The Art Museum of Bornholm

Visit the beautiful Art Museum of Bornholm (Bornholms Kunstmuseum).

The Art Museum of Bornholm near Gudhjem

The Art Museum of Bornholm is situated above the Sanctuary Rocks (Helligdomsklipperne) about six kilometres north-west of Gudhjem – in one of the most stunning and spectacular landscapes in Denmark.

The Art Museum of Bornholm – a brilliant example of modern Danish architecture

The Art Museum of Bornholm was built in 1993 and enlarged in 2003 and is a brilliant example of modern Danish architecture.

Handicap-friendly attraction

Access for wheelchairs: Yes*
Handicap parking: Yes**
Handicap toilet: Yes
Handicap elevator and lift: Yes

* The museum has a wheelchair for viaitors, that can be borrowed at the reception desk.
** Parking lots for both cars and busses at the south side of the museum. Handicapparking as well as drop off and hop on just in front of the main entrance.

Artwork of international calibre

The Art Museum of Bornholm strives to present artwork of international calibre – in the permanent collections and frequently changing special exhibitions alike.




Opening season

Winter 2022

Opening hours

Thursday - Friday 3 pm - 5 pm

Saturday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

Special opening days

Special closing days

Entrance fee


DKK 90


DKK 70


DKK 50

Children under 18


Contact information

Tlf. +45 5648 4386




Otto Bruuns Plads 1

3760 Gudhjem

The Art Museum is located just outside of the village Rø, close to the coast.


Disabled parking
Handicap toilet
Wheelchair lift and elevator
It is possible to borrow a wheelchair from the museum

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