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Viking Atletik is the largest sports club on the island. We are responsible for a wide range of the island's biggest events in running, cycling, triathlon, and orienteering.

Viking Atletik has over 1400 members and offers running, cycling, orienteering, triathlon, and other forms of exercise. You can always find a way to exercise with us. We also have our own fitness rooms that all our members can use. Modern machines of high quality and with shower facilities. Unfortunately, we do not sell access to the fitness center on a daily or weekly basis.

We lead some of the island’s biggest events. Etape Bornholm – run a marathon over 5 days. Höst Open in orienteering – a three-day event. Around Bornholm on a Bike – 103 km of exercise with plenty of depots. Graniteman Triathlon on the outskirts of Rønne. Come to the big one-day sports events: Soft Ice Race, Alminding Race, Cross Island Half Marathon, Fredensborg Race, Women’s Race, Mini Marathon for the little ones, Bisseline Race (cycling), and a series of races during the autumn holiday.

We offer daily exercise or you can be part of our events. You are always welcome to contact us for more information. Viking Athletics is a non-profit organization (sports club), but with a professional management with 2 employees and about 100 volunteer leaders and coaches.


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Here we offer Running, Triathlons, Orienteering, Bike Races.

Our flagship is Etape Bornholm. Run a marathon over 5 days. You get the best of Bornholm. 5 routes in different places on the island, where you meet the forests, mountains, sand, and towns. Distances between 5.9 and 10 km. It all concludes at Rønne stadium, where you receive a medal, food, and entertainment.

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