Motorcycle holiday on Bornholm

On Bornholm, there are no traffic jams; instead, you will experience plenty of space on the roads. Nature on Bornholm offers a varied driving experience with long, open stretches of road, deep hillsides, small, curved roads and lots of fresh air.

It is pure pleasure to spend a holiday driving motorcycle on Bornholm. When you experience the island on a motorcycle, you get the feeling that you are much closer to the island’s beautiful nature than if you travel by car or bus.

Rent a motorcycle  on Bornholm

There are several options if you dream of enjoying the freedom and experiencing Bornholm from a motorcycle. Once you have arrived on the island, you can rent a motorcycle and equipment at Hesthavens Båd and MC rental in Aakirkeby. Of course, the only requirement is a driver’s license for an MC. If you want to travel on holiday with your own motorcycle, you can take the ferry from Køge or Ystad. It is easy and safe.

Motorcycle holiday in Denmark – it will not be more beautiful than Bornholm

Bornholm’s nature is unique, and you get very close to nature on a motorcycle. Do not miss the beautiful stretch of coastline between Hasle and Allinge, where the view of the Baltic Sea is nothing short of excellent – and at times quite hilly. Before you reach Allinge, you can also stop at Northern Europe’s largest Borgruin Hammershus, which is an impressive sight. Here you find good parking conditions and great hiking opportunities.

Motorcycle holiday with the family on Bornholm

The distances on Bornholm are short. It does not take more than 30 min. to get from one end of the island to the other by car. Bornholm is, therefore, an obvious destination for a motorcycle holiday with the family. Put the kids in the sidecar and enjoy the island’s many fun attractions, exciting sights, excellent delicacies, and fine sandy beaches.

Rent a motorcycle for the holidays at Hesthavens Boat Rental
Take the ferry to Bornholm
Car rental and car repairs on Bornholm
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