Four ideal beaches for a day trip

When the hot summer weather invites you to a day at the beach, it's excellent if the beach also offers plenty of room for fun and play and opportunities to buy cold refreshments.

This article will give our tips for four beaches with the facilities for a day trip.

The Bornholm beaches

Bornholm has over 120 km of coastline and is filled with beautiful beaches. The island’s northern part offers cosy beaches in rocky surroundings, and the southern region offers some of Denmark’s best beaches with the finest flour-like sand.

Our recommendations for great beaches

Click on the pictures below to read more about the different beaches and their facilities. Here it is also possible to find photos and directions


Sandkås beach

Sandkås beach is located between the town of Allinge and the town of Tejn in the northern part of Bornholm. The beach is divided into two sections. In one of the sections, you will find a bathing jetty and a "children's pool", and on the other, you will find a path that takes you on a beautiful walk along the coast to Allinge, where you end up on another beach called Næs. Sandkås beach has good parking facilities, restrooms and a kiosk.


Hullehavn beach

At Hullehavn beach in Svaneke, you will find a diving board, a small café and public restrooms. The beach is close to the city centre of Svaneke, where you’ll find great restaurants and shopping opportunities. Hullehavn beach is also very suitable for both diving and sea kayaking.


Balka beach

Balka beach starts in the town of Snogebæk, which has lots of shops and restaurants and ends in the town of Balka, which has a restaurant, miniature golf, public restrooms and good parking conditions. In addition, Balka beach is very suitable for water sports. - and the beach is sheltered from the summer’s westerly wind.


Antoinette beach

Antoinette beach, north of Rønne, is a beautiful beach that tourists and locals frequently use. Close to the beach, there is a campsite where it is possible to buy refreshments. Antoinette beach is particularly suitable for windsurfing.

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