Combining food and culture

A delicious dinner can be anything from a cosy picnic under the stars to a culinary restaurant visit. But what if you also combine it with a cultural experience? On Bornholm, you can find combinations of cultures and experiences. But what's on the menu - and the program?

Written by: Thomas Guldbæk, Gaarden


“The wonderful Bornholm ingredients scent’s from the blacksmith’s large, beautiful grill. The skilled chefs are preparing food on the terrace. Rare wines are served at the long tables. Others drink large draft beers. There is a cosiness throughout the garden, and soon the concerts will start.” That’s what it says on Gæstgiveren’s website. Gæstgiveren genuinely serves superb dining experiences combined with great concerts (mostly danish musicians). Check out the website and remember to book tickets in advance.
‘Gæsten’ celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Malene and Henrik are therefore offering “anniversary Mondays” in July. They go way back in time, to before Gæsten became one of the country’s most popular concert venues. The focus will be on the dining experience with long table dinners at a reasonable price for everyone. Instead of a subsequent big concert, during the evening, there will be intimate talks with the stars on stage, flashbacks and cosiness. These evenings are mentioned on the website, though buying tickets is not possible.


A trip to Ekkodalen (Echo Valley) can always withstand a repetition. Here you will find the perfect opportunity for experiences. If you want to make yourself deserving of Denmark’s probably most iconic and talked about tartlet, you can start with a little hike in nature.
The food is delicious, and the restaurant offers concerts throughout the summer, spanning from blues, folk, rock and more. Even though there is room for more, they never let more than 350 guests in for the cosy open-air concerts – as we don’t want to stand in long queues to buy a beer.
Ekkodalshuset’s small “festival” is in late July and into August.
Tickets and table reservations can be made via the website.

The Art Museum of Bornholm

When visiting Bornholm’s Art Museum, you can take a break from hiking through art, nature and architecture in the museum’s café.
Enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of coffee or a sandwich in the café or outside on the terrace overlooking the museum’s sculpture park, the Scottish Highlands Cattle and the Baltic Sea.

Hasle Røgeri

Hasle “museum smokehouse” is simply everything in one. Here you are literally in the cultural-historical framework. Various fish are smoked in the correct old-fashioned way, and in the exhibition, you can learn more about fishing and the importance of the smokehouse for the local community.

And there is more…

This was just a selection of combined dining and cultural experiences. Check for combined film and snack experiences at The Falcon Hotel. Listen to live music at Cafe Syd-Øst of Paradis. Get coffee and cake in Skafferiet by Gaarden. Try out the guided tours at Café Brohuset in Hammershus Besøgscenter. Visit the café, arts and crafts at Grønbechs Gård and many more exciting experiences.



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