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The Cafe Genlyd of the Echo Valley House is a place where time does not either comes or goes, and where food is prepared from scratch. ”No fuss” as my grandmother used to say. And it did not mean gourmet – but ”gourmet”.

The little ”farmer-restaurant” – which is clinically cleaned of concepts – is the ideal frame of a row of intimate concerts, as well as being a well-visited lunch-restaurant.

Even though we are pleased to sell all dishes on our lunchmenu, the restaurant is best known for the signature dish: The large Echo Patty Shell of 600 g a piece.

The Echo Valley House is well visited – and we do not have enough seats. Especially in the main season, but also in the shoulder seasons – since many restaurants in Bornholm close for the winter. Therefore we recommend that you book a table all year round. You can do so on-line here.

The Echo Valley House is famous for their large patty shells. Freshly baked with 144 layers, as real puff-paste should be, and with 500 g homemade filling! Dont be mistaken, you find more ”grandma-dishes” on our menu.


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Ekkodalsvejen 5

3720 Aakirkeby

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