The Falcon Hotel

The heart of the hotel, the stronghold of adventure and the stopping place of stories.

Welcome to The Falcon’s historic Main House. Here, inspiration crawls on the walls, hides in the floor cracks and awakens people’s sense of adventure. Pretty much everything has been redesigned with room for lots of wauw effect, fun finds and rare animals. The style is colonial chic… or as an intense encounter between Karen Blixen and Indiana Jones.
On the 1st floor, seven rooms await, four with a view of the Baltic Sea and the rest to the rock garden. No two rooms are furnished the same, but the cosiness and warmth are repeated in all rooms. On the ground floor, Mette or Line will help you with everything from keys to the best spots in nature. This is also where you will find breakfast and have dinner or let your mind wander over a vintage bourbon. In the soft chairs and large halls, stories from people’s suitcases are celebrated, told and listened to. Half of what you hear here is not correct, but we do not tell which part…

The Falcon Hotel is located in Sandvig, surrounded by Nordbornholm’s raw nature. The view of the Baltic Sea is undisturbed, both when it shows teeth and is quiet. It seldom is. On the outskirts of Sandvig you find Hammerknuden with the Hammershus ruin, which you can enjoy the view from the hotel.
On your morning walk you can often see falcons high above the area, and in the afternoon the vipers stretch lazily in the heather between the rocks. In the evening, the “jylkat”s come out, so beware!
Sandvig was originally a fishing village and farm town – you can see this on the old farms, which today form a charming part of the town together with specialty shops, shopping opportunities, cafes, and restaurants. There are bus connections to the rest of Bornholm, and by car you quickly get from one end to the other. How about seeking the adventure right outside the hotel door?



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