10 fun winter activities on Bornholm for children and the whole family

When you are on Bornholm in the winter, you can visit many attractions and enjoy the nature. Even though it's a bit quieter on the island, the island is far from closed down.

10 great winter activities

A winter holiday with the family on Bornholm does not have to be boring at all. Here are some suggestions on what to do.


When you want to feel the wind in your hair ...

... then take a walk on one of Bornholm's finest sandy beaches. Try Dueodde beach on the southern tip of Bornholm.


When you want to see a huge castle ...

... then you can visit Hammershus castle ruins, which is the biggest castle ruin in the whole of Northern Europe. Here you can see, among other things, where the King's Daughter Leonora Christina was imprisoned.


When you want to see a round and not a square sized church ...

... then drive to Østerlars, where you can enter one of the island's four round churches. The round churches have previously been used as fortifications where the people could seek protection for enemies. Today, they are ordinary churches.


When you want to give try out a climbing wall in a playland ...

... then Værftet at the harbor in Nexø is the place to go to. Here is a large playland with a café, climbing wall and an indoor skatepark.


When you want to watch a good movie ...

... then go visit the movie theater in Rønne. There is always a movie for you and your family.


When you want to swim, but it's too cold outside ...

... go to Gudhjem indoor Swimming Pool and splash about in the pool.


When you get hungry ...

... go to Restaurant Svaneke Bryghus at the square and have a delicious meal at reasonable prices. Children are very welcome.


When you want find the family champion...

... visit Juhls Minigolf in Rønne and challenge the whole family to a round of minigolf.


When you want to meet a real bison ...

... Drive down Chr. X Vej in the forest Almindingen, carefully pass over the wide cattle grid or use the gate and you will find yourself in the bison woods.


When you want to learn more about Bornholm's history ...

... we recommend you to visit Bornholms Museum in Rønne. Here you can see, among other things, a very famous silver button or some tiny people made of gold.


Bonustip: When you want to ski ...

... and there is snow on Bornholm, then visit the ski slope on Bornholm, located at Østerlars. There are both slopes and ski lifts for children and adults.

Looking for something else?

Then try some of the many other attractions on Bornholm, that are also open in the winter.

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