BBC Travel: Denmark’s secret food island

In an article, BBC travel describes Bornholm as being one of Scandinavia's culinary hosspots. BBC travel even calls it "The call of the island".

There’s a lot to be said for Bornholm, which, thanks to a new generation of entrepreneurs and creative spirits, is fast becoming Scandinavia’s newest culinary hotspot.”

Together with Nicolai Nørregaard, Michelin chef from Kadeau, BBC travel visits some of the island’s culinary highlights.

BBC travel reports on how Nicolai Nørregaard, Rasmus and Magnus Koefoed bought a beach pavilion on Bornholm’s south coast, in hope of realising the potential of the isle’s abundant natural produce. Restaurant Kadeau has since become a recognized Michelin restaurant. BBC travel also tasted what makes Kadeau special. The journalist was served the island on a plate: oysters, local green cabbage and a dusting of parsley, followed by roasted celeriac, woodruff, fermented white asparagus and caviar.

BBC travel also visited Nicolai Nørregaard’s second restaurant on Bornholm – Restaurant Nordlandet, located in Hotel Nordlandet. Here you can enjoy the panoramic view from the restaurant’s large terrace, overlooking the Baltic Sea. At Restaurant Nordlandet all dishes are presented on simple plates made by local ceramicist Lov i Listed.

The article also tells how Nicolai Nørregaard inspired more Danes and expats to leave the hectic city life and move to Bornholm. Among them are the founders of ‘Høstet – Havtorn Bornholm’, that produces and sells juices, jams, soaps and much more that consists of orange buckthorn shrub.

The trip also went to the Penyllan Brewery in Tejn, and Sandvig Is Kalas, that also uses a lot of local products from Bornholm.

Of course, the article ends with an anecdote about the smokehouses on Bornholm. Where you can still enjoy delicacies like “Sol over Gudhjem”.

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BBC travel mentions the following places in the article:



Visit the gourmet and Michelin restaurant on Bornholm.


Bornholms Mosteri

Bornholm's Mosteri produces organic juice.


Restaurant Nordlandet

The menu is inspired by Bornholm and the Nordic cuisine.


Lov i Listed

Discover Bornholm handicrafts at Lov in Listed.


Høstet - Havtorn Bornholm

We cultivate organic buckthorn in our own plantation on Bornholm.


Bryggeriet Penyllan

One of the island's small beer breweries - and also a restaurant and bar.


Sandvig IS Kalas

At Kalas ice cream is produced daily, on organic milk from Bornholm, and with fruits from the island's gardens.


Nexø Gamle Røgeri

Nexø Gamle Røgeri offers a large and varied range of smoked products that are smoked every day.


Hasle Røgeri

Enjoy delicious smoke products at Hasle Røgeri.


Aarsdale Silderøgeri

Eat a smoked herring at Aarsdale Silderøgeri.


Røgeriet i Svaneke

Eat delicious smoked herring at the smokehouse in Svaneke.


Norresan Gudhjem

Visit Norresan by the ocean in Gudhjem.

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BBC travel på Bornholm

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