Discover 10 amazing nature-based winter activities on Bornholm for all ages

Bornholm offers a unique combination of wonderful nature experiences and plenty of space. Get rosy cheeks and plenty of fresh air with the whole family, or transport your home office and explore Bornholm in its rugged winter colours.

Vast forests to explore, Northern Europe’s largest castle ruins, kilometres of sandy beaches and challenging hiking routes that provide an immersive experience are just a fraction of what Bornholm has to offer. Experiences for all ages await you on the winter island.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 amazing nature-based winter activities for you and your loved ones.



Dueodde Beach

Feel the wind in your hair on a beach with the finest sand. So fine, in fact, that it is said to have been used for hourglasses. Listen to the roar of the waves and let the feeling of calm take over your body.



Northern Europe’s largest castle ruin is an attraction you can experience again and again without feeling like you’ve seen it too often. Sense the history on Bornholm’s northern tip.


Ekkodalen (Echo Valley)

Make the journey to Ekkodalen. It never disappoints! In addition to searching for the best echo, you can explore the stunning area in and around Bornholm’s longest rift valley. Or try out the new footpath that leads you so beautifully through the valley.



Lace up your trainers and walk the 7 km around Hammerknuden on Bornholm’s northern tip. Despite the relatively short distance, the trip takes about 2 hours due to the highly varied terrain. Discover the rocky coastline, granite quarries and stunning views of the Baltic Sea.


Døndalen (Døn Valley)

Døndal stream has a drop of about 20 metres, making it the second highest waterfall in Denmark. Visit it during the winter holidays, when the weather can contribute to the water in the waterfall.


Kultippen (The Coal Tip)

South of Hasle you’ll find Kultippen (The Coal Tip), a truly unusual place that can’t be compared to anything else. The area resembles a moonscape, but it is a man-made relic from the 1940s when “waste products” from a coal mine were dumped here.


The bunker at Dueodde

Experience history up close. At Dueodde you’ll find two large German gun emplacements from World War II. Click on the picture of the bunker and read more about its history.


Opalsøen (the Opal Lake)

Visiting Opalsøen is a wonderful experience – it’s just breathtakingly beautiful whatever the season. Read about the history of granite at Opalsøen by clicking on its image.


Rocking stones on Bornholm

Bornholm has 3 large rocking stones. You’ll find them in Paradisbakkerne (the Paradise Hills), Almindingen Forest and Rutsker Højlyng. See if you can move them! Read more about all 3 rocking stones by clicking on the image above.


Vang Granitbrud (Vang Granite Quarry)

As with Opalsøen (the Opal Lake), Vang Granite Quarry also has a fascinating granite-related history. Granite has been quarried at Vang Granitbrud for more than 100 years. The area is also a popular spot for birds.

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