Explore the Danish island Bornholm this winter

Kids love winter activities - and Bornholm is a perfect place to visit. The island offers a lot of cosy, fun and exciting winter experiences.

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Best winter activities for kids and families on Bornholm

The Danish island of Bornholm might not be the first destination you may think of when choosing the familiy winter holiday – nevertheless, the island is a perfect place to travel to with kids. Experience medieval castle ruins and imagine how kings and soldiers lived here a long time ago.

What to do with your kids on your winter holiday

Have you ever seen a real-life buffalo (we call them bisons) close-up? Go for a walk in the “bison forest” in Almindingen forest and look for the herd of 15 bisons that have lived there since 2012. Don’t walk too close to them, as they might get scared.

You could also visit Pernille Bülow and make beautiful glass presents in one of their workshops. See our guide of things you can do on Bornholm this winter.

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More suggestions for fun winter experiences with the family

There are many things to try and places to visit when you are on the island. Here you will find our suggestions for exciting and interesting winter activities for children.
Meet a real buffalo in the winter forest
Winter hikes and walks on Bornholm that you can try with the whole family
Visit the Echo Valley in the middle of Bornholm
Hungry? Here is a list of some family-friendly restaurants

Travel information and accommodation on Bornholm

Take the direct ferry from Germany (Sassnitz/Rügen) or Ystad in Sweden to the Danish island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. You can also travel by plane from Copenhagen and other Danish airports.

In order to get around on the island, you can rent a car. And after an exciting day on the island, there are many cosy places to stay overnight - and their hosts are looking forward to welcoming you. Find more information here:
Travel information: How to get to the Danish Island Bornholm
Find a cosy winter accommodation on Bornholm
Get the best hints and suggestions - download our free Bornholm-app

“When you come to Bornholm in winter, you can still go hiking – even with your kids. There are many routes that criss-cross each other and you can shorten them as you like!”

– Katja Josteit from German blog “Küstenkidsunterwegs” (Coastal Kids on tour)

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