They love Bornholm

Bornholm is a beautiful island and many people want to share their love for the island.

Se omtalen af Bornholm her.

We have gathered articles and blogs from media, bloggers and other visitors who are so fond of Bornholm that they just had to share it with their readers / followers. A large number of Danish and international media visit Bornholm every year and they are very enthusiastic about the island. Read the articles and blogs below and get inspired for your next vacation, whether you love unique and beautiful scenery, amazing dining experiences, active holidays or art and culture. If you love it all, Bornholm is definitely for you too.

New York Post: Bornholm - a foodie must-visit
Vogue: Americans love the natural Bornholm
BBC Travel: Denmark’s secret food island
New York Times: Crafts and Sunshine on the Danish Isle

Latest reviews of Bornholm

See the latest stories about Bornholm below and get inspired for your next vacation on the Sunshine island.
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