New York Times: Crafts and Sunshine on the Danish Isle

Bornholm: The homespun island oasis

Windswept beaches of sand so fine it’s literally used in hourglasses give way to rolling, grassy fields dotted with thatch-roofed farmhouses.”


The New York Times traveled from the most populous city in the United States to Denmark in the summer of 2017. Here they visited the small island with just under 40,000 inhabitants.

In an article The New York Times describes Bornholm as being an island that appeals to urbanites and mentions; “…the charming port towns complete with traditional wooden smokehouses, ceramics ateliers and ice cream parlors.”

The New York Times visited the Michelin restaurant Kadeau, where they learned the story of the boys from Bornholm who started Kadeau on the southern coast of the island, about a decade ago.

The New York Times also visited Bornholm Surf Farm, Hallegaard and many more listed below. Read the amazing article in its entirety further down the page.

Here are the places mentioned in the article:


Torvehal Bornholm

Torvehal Bornholm is the new market hall in the old Rønne Slaughterhouse - here you can buy local produced foods, under one roof. There is also a café and a wine bar


Kadeau Bornholm

Eat at the gourmet restaurant Kadeau - the Guide Michelin starred restaurant by the sea.


Hallegaard Bornholm

Taste the delicacies of Bornholm from Hallegaard Gårdbutik in Østermarie.


Lov i Listed

Experience arts and handcrafts at Lov in Listed.


Bornholm Surf Farm

Bornholm Surf Farm is extreme surfing and Stand Up Padling combined with quietness and relaxation.



Book your accommodation at Hotel Nordlandet in Sandvig.

Bornholm: Crafts and Sunshine on the Danish Isle

From the article:

“Plant a motley crew of creatives from Copenhagen on a rocky but fertile island in the Baltic Sea and you’ll end up with the kind of artisanal scene currently booming on Bornholm.”

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