Vogue: Americans love the natural Bornholm

American life style magazine Vogue has visited Bornholm and has just published an article about the visit.

Tell any Dane you’re going to Bornholm and they’ll smile pensively. “Bornholm is a part of everyone’s childhood. It’s where you go for your first school trip, where you have your first kiss” – that’s how American life style magazine “Vogue” begins its article about Bornholm, which just has been published.

Vogue journalist Mary Holand not only tell the island’s history, but also describes the change, that Bornholm has experienced during the last 20-25 years. Bornholm is a big success – but at the same time, the island has succeeded in keeping its feet on the ground without getting too excited about its own success.

Vogue's travel hints on Bornholm

Besides different cafés and restaurants, Vogue's Mary Holland also visited different artists and craftsmen on the island, which she recommends. Find them here.


Kadeau Bornholm

Restaurant suggestion from the Vogue article



Vogue recommends both the hotel and the restaurant


Norresan Gudhjem

Mary Holland just loves the view from the café


Stammershalle Badehotel

An other restaurant recommenadation from Mary Holland


Bornholms Kunstmuseum

While describing Bornholm arts, Mary Holland also recommends a visit to the islands art museum


Baltic Sea Glass

One of the island's most significant glass artists

Read the Vogue article about Bornholm here

Vogue journalist Mary Holland has visited Bornholm – and wrote a wonderful article. Read it here.

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