The coastal path: From Hasle to Sandvig

This is the most idyllic part of the coastal path but also the most physically demanding. On your trip, you will encounter small fishing villages and overwhelming nature.

Helpful information regarding the trip

This is one of the coastal path’s medium-length sections and possibly also the most demanding one. You will walk through very hilly terrain, but you will always be near the coast, with an incredible view of the sea.

Here you’ll get the essential information about the coastal path section from Hasle to Sandvig:

The route

Hasle – Helligpeder – Teglkås – Gines Minde – Jons Kapel – Vang – Slotslyngen – Hammershus – Hammerhavn – Hammerknuden – Salomons Kapel – Hammerodde Fyr – Sandvig

Length and degree of difficulty

Hasle – Vang, ca. 7 km (difficult)
Vang – Hammerhavnen, 6 km (medium)
Hammerhavnen – Sandvig, 5 km (medium)
A total of 19 km.

From start to finish

The trip starts at Hasle harbour and ends in the parking lot at Sandvig Familie Camping. The trip lasts around 5-6 hours.

Directions and tips

This section of the coastal path is 19 kilometres long and can be divided into several subsections. On your way to Jons Chapel, you’ll have a fantastic view of the Baltic Sea, and if the weather is clear, you can even see all the way to Sweden, about 40 kilometres away.

Below, you will find directions to and from the different sights, as well as some tips and notes.
Furthermore, you can click on the pictures to get information about the sights.

Below is the route description and the attractions you will encounter on your way:


Hasle Harbour

The starting point for this section of the coastal path is Hasle harbour. Hasle is the only place in this section where you can do grocery shopping, but there will be access to coffee shops, restaurants, etc. along the way.


Helligpeder (Holy Peter)

From Halse harbour, you will walk up the winding road to the roundabout, take a left turn (facing north) and cross the bridge for pedestrians and bicycles. Follow the bicycle- and the coastal path out of town, you’ll reach the coastline and here you can see the thousands of years old formation from when the sea level used to be much higher. Continue down the coast and bicycle path, till you reach the asphalt road, leading you to Helligpeder fishing village and later to Teglkås city, which has recently formed the movie set for a German TV movie.


Jon's Chapel

From Teglkås, you will walk along the coastline to Gines Minde, here the bicycle- and coastal path will get very hilly. After the steep hill, follow the signs to Jons Kapel (Jon’s Chapel). Jon's Chapel is a rock formation worth seeing! but be aware, you will have to go up and down some very steep stairs.

NOTE: The bicycle- and coastal path separate just before Jon’s Chapel. Continue down the coastal path.


Vang Harbour

From Jon’s Chapel, you will continue along the coastal path to the beautiful Blåskinsdalen (Blue Skin Valley) and the former granite quarries in Ringebakkerne, a recreational nature area with mountain bike trails and rock climbing. On your way past the quarry, you will come across the DGI-bridge, where you’ll have a spectacular view of the area. Continue further through the forest down to the fishing village Vang.

NOTE: There is a shelter in the quarry, where you can spend the night.


Hammershus Castle Ruins

From Vang, the next destination is the castle ruin called Hammershus. The trail continues from Vang Harbour along the beach until you reach Denmark’s third tallest waterfall, called Pissebækken. Go up the long staircase from the waterfall and walk through Slotslyngen (Castle Heather). Soon you will be able to spot your destination, but you must cross Mølledalen (Mills Valley) before working your way up the hill, where Hammershus Castle Ruins is placed. Take your time to discover the area and the mighty 13th-century fortifications.

NOTE: Hammershus contains a cafe and restrooms. At Finnedalshuset north of Vang, you will find a primitive campsite.


Salomon's Chapel

From Hammershus, you continue down to the coast until you reach Hammer harbour, where granite from the quarries was previously shipped. Walk across the parking lot and continue until you get back on the coastal path again. Now continue around Bornholms northernmost tip, Hammerknuden. Salomon’s Chapel was built in the Middle Ages for the many anglers who had herring markets on this location.

NOTE: At Hammer Harbour, there is a café, kiosk, as well as the possibility of a shower. At Hammersø, not far from the harbour, there is a shelter for overnight stays.

TIP: Take a detour. At Hammer Harbour go to the right insted of across the parking lot, and go see the former granite quarry, Opalsøen (Opal lake). After a small trip around the quarry lake, you can walk back the same way and continue the trip.


Sandvig Havn

From Salomon’s Chapel, you will continue down the coastal path until you come across Hammerodde lighthouse. The old service housing for the lighthouse staff is now made into private holiday cottages. From here, you will reach a narrow asphalt road, also known as tjenestevejen, “the service road”. Follow the road until you reach the end of this section – the town of Sandvig. Sandvig harbour was in 2015 the main location for a German TV movie.

NOTE: In Sandvig, you will also find many restaurants and accommodations. Use our app, where you (under topics) can find overnight accommodations on your coastal path.

App: Bornholm - The official Travel Guide for iOS

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Literature about the coastal path on Bornholm

If you would like more information or map material for the coastal path on Bornholm, we recommend two books, both of which can be purchased in our webshop or at the tourist information on the island.



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