Salomon's Chapel

Visit Salomon's Chapel (Salomons Kapel) on a hiking tour along Hammerknuden and see the place, where the large medieval herring markets were held.

Salomon’s Chapel is a small chapel, which was built in the 13th century for the many herring fishermen, who brought their catch to the small natural harbours along the shore. You’ll pass Salomons Chapel on your hiking tour along Hammerknudens coastline.

Northwest of the Chapel was a well, which was named Salomon’s well. The water from this well, the people said, made you healthy. And especially around Skt. Hans (midsummer), people came to the well. Several historic sources say, that people stopped doing that around the time of the reformation – and also the importance of Salomons Chapel became less and less as the the herring swarms disappeared.



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abt. 700 metres west for Sandvig Familie Camping

3770 Allinge

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