Vang Harbour

Experience the granite history of Bornholm, amazing nature, and breathtaking sunsets at Vang Harbour.

Vang Harbour

Vang Harbour consists of three basins with new wooden jetties, and is situated beautifully at Vang.

Vang has experienced a remarkable transformation since Vang granite quarry closed. Vang offers great food, provides the history of Bornholm’s great granite adventure as well as great outdoor experiences. You can go for beautiful walks in Slotslyngen, Ringebakkerne and the closed granite quarries, and from Vang Harbour you can see one of the most astonishing sunsets on Bornholm.

At Vang Harbour you can find toilets, bathing facility, and a barbecuing shelter.

Do you want to learn more about the harbours on Bornholm?

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Practical information


  • Vang 99
  • 3790 Hasle


  • Tel. +45 5696 9269

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