Tasting Table: The Bornholm Identity

The American Food Tasting Table visited Bornholm in 2017 to discover an "overlooked" place in the Baltic Sea.

The trio opened Kadeau in the spring of 2007 to rave reviews, putting the tiny Baltic island on the culinary map for the first time.”

Writer Veronica Meewes from the Tasting Table magazine visited Bornholm to dig deeper into what makes Bornholm so popular as a food island.

Veronica Meewes’ trip to Bornholm took her to the renowned Michelin restaurant Kadeau. Here she talked with Nicolai Nørregaard, the self-taught Bornholm cook, who, together with his childhood friends, started Kadeau over a decade ago.

In the article you can, among other things, read about Nicolai explaining how, there were not many who believed in their project in the beginning.

Veronica Meewes visits various other places on their trip to Bornholm, you can see them here.

You can read the whole article further down.

The following places are mentioned in the article:


Kadeau Bornholm

Eat at the gourmet restaurant Kadeau - the Guide Michelin starred restaurant by the sea.


The Smokehouse in Svaneke

Visit the smokehouse in Svaneke.


Snogebæk Røgeri

Snogebæk Smokehouse is a smokehouse as well as a shop, where you can order all the delicious smoked food and other Bornholm specialties.


Gaarden / Gourmet Bornholm

A collection of local food producers on Bornholm


Penyllan Brewery

Penyllan Brewery (Bryggeriet Penyllan) is one of the island's small beer breweries - and also offers a restaurant and a bar


Sol over Gudhjem (Sun above Gudhjem)

Experience a duel of world class gastronomy when celebrity chefs compete in Gudhjem.


Norresan Gudhjem

Enjoy the sea, the joy, the silence and the delicacies at norresan café.


Lakrids by Johan Bülow

Taste one of Bornholm's delicacies at Liquorice by Johan Bülow in Svaneke.


HØSTET - Havtorn Bornholm

At HOESTET everything is about sea buckthorn and you can take a walk around the sea buckthorn-plantation at 'Fløjlegård' before you go shopping in the farmshop. Sea buckthorn is not just sea buckthorn!

The Bornholm Identity

From the article: “Discover Bornholm, the amazing European food destination you’ve never heard of”.

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