Lakrids by Bülow

Taste one of Bornholm's delicacies at LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW in Svaneke.

The story of LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW began back in 2007 on the small Danish island, Bornholm, when a young man followed his dream, he created something good – not just to earn a living, but from the heart. In the following years, Johan Bülow took licorice to a whole new level and created a craft of gourmet licorice in a non-existent Danish market with real passion and dedication to always placing quality first and never compromise on taste.

Although we are very proud and truly honored by the amazing journey we have been on since 2007, we never stop dreaming, and as our small business grows, so do our ambitions, and expectations for ourselves, too.

Our products are created with patient attention and great passion, and all our ingredients are specially selected and supplied by the best suppliers from around the world.

We still produce our licorice locally and will always do so. We taste our products every day, because only in this way can we enforce the exquisite quality.

Our vision is to inspire people around the world and spread our love of licorice.

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Opening season

Summer 2022

Summer 2022

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All days 09.00 - 20.00

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Tlf. +45 5649 6822



Glastorvet 1

3740 Svaneke

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