Welcome to Værftet - Nexø Skateboard Centre, playland and café.

Explore our 700 m2 playland. Don’t fall while walking the line on Noah’s Ark, crawl up into the tower of Babel and swirl around in the Garden of Eden. Play indoor soccer, airhockey, table soccer, etc.

The large skating hall has both ramps and rails. Go for it on skateboards, roller blades, scooter or BMX. We also have a small boulder wall you can try.

You can buy drinks, ice cream and snacks in our café.

Værftet (the Docks) works as non-profit and is run by volunteers.


Opening hours this week:

Entry fees

members of Værftet

DKK 25 per person


DKK 65 per person

Tlf. +45 2274 9161

E-mail info@vaerftet.dk

Web værftet.dk

Kystvej 2

3730 Nexø

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