LGBT+ friendly vacation on Bornholm

A vacation on Bornholm is a pretty relaxing affaire - as are the island's inhabitants, who are including and open-minded.

Denmark is one of the most LGBT+ friendly countries in the world. In fact the organisation ILGA Europe ranks Denmark as number 4 of the most gay-friendly countries in Europe in 2020.

The vast majority of Danes is pretty liberal and doesn’t think in gay, lesbian, bi, trans or other terms – they simply welcome you as a person. And in the land of “hygge”, you might not find the LGBT+ friendly label on many shops, accommodations and restaurants, but that should not alarm you.

LGBT+ friendly is the norm in Denmark, as well as on the Danish holiday island of Bornholm. Businesses seldom feel the need to display the label actively, but you should consider all businesses on the island LGBT+ friendly as a rule of thumb. Here everyone is welcome!

Visit Bornholm and discover the island’s many possibilities

Many Danes travel to Bornholm in the Baltic Sea for a cosy and quiet getaway. Just for the weekend or for a couple of days to recreate. The readers of travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler have even named Bornholm as one of the best holiday islands in Europe.

Do as the Danes do

So, why don’t you do like the Danes and relax on the island’s bright white sunny and sandy beaches at Dueodde, discover the varied nature with rocky cliffs and large forests – or explore the many artisans and craftsmen, who live and work on Bornholm? Or – you could enjoy a delicious and romantic dinner for two at one of the many restaurants on the island, all of them are of course LGBT+ friendly.

Suggestions for your getaway to Bornholm

If you are looking for some suggestions on what to see or what to do on Bornholm, here are 10 places to visit on Bornholm. Bornholm is not only bright white sandy beaches. The island offers rich possibilities for mountain biking, rock climbing, running, surfing and many other possibilities for an active holiday).


Welcoming accommodation on Bornholm

When you stay on Bornholm for a short getaway or a longer vacation, you’ll need a cosy and comfy place to sleep. You can choose from many places on the island, that are gay-friendly and welcoming – and where nobody even raises as much as an eyebrow, when you book a double room for you and your same-sex partner.

Choose between a comfortable hotel in one of the island’s wonderful coastal cities, or do you prefer a romantic summer house for two close to the sandy beach? You can also check in at one of the many welcoming guest houses and appartements on Bornholm – the choice is yours.

Find your accommodation on Bornholm here



Events on Bornholm

No, there is no pride parade on Bornholm. But there are many gay-friendly and including events on Bornholm. Take the Bornholm Art Tour in May, the music festival Wonderfestiwall in August, the Bornholm Culture Week in September, or the Bornholm Craftsmanship Festival in October for instance, just to name a few of the larger events.

All of them are gay-friendly events. And besides these larger events, there are loads of smaller events that take place all year (most of them are in a way LGBT+ friendly) and which you can find in our event calendar right here:

See all events in our event calendar here



Enjoy Bornholm and Denmark’s smallest PRIDE Parade

From August 13-21, 2022, the Danish capital Copenhagen is hosting the annual Copenhagen PRIDE. But closer to Bornholm is Denmark’s smallest and maybe even cosiest PRIDE – on Christiansø. They are hosting their annual PRIDE on Saturday, August 27, 2022.

A perfect framework for a couple of relaxing and cozy days on Bornholm. Relax and discover the hidden beauty of the island in the Baltic Sea – or get a suntan on the Bounty beaches near Dueodde!


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