Danish ‘Hygge’ on Bornholm

Many international journalists have written about the Danish word 'hygge'. A word that is difficult to give a specific explanation for, as 'hygge' is a feeling. A feeling of cosiness and happiness. Bornholm is definitely the right place to get the true feeling of hygge.

The term ‘Hygge’ is such a big part of Danish culture, that Denmark has applied to be inscribed on the Unesco list of “intangible cultural heritage”, the The Telegraph has written an article about that, you can read it here.

‘Hygge’ is definitely a big part of Danish culture. It’s one word to describe the feeling of happiness, cosiness and security.

Cycling in the sunshine, dinner with friends and family, long walks in the forest, a dip on the beach, ice cream at the harbor, all things that gives you the feeling of ‘hygge’ and you can experience all of this on beautiful Bornholm.

We have made a list of genuine hygge things you can do on Bornholm. The most ‘hygge’ island.

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10 'hygge' things to do on Bornholm:


Walking in the Echo Valley

The 7th. largest forest in Denmark, Almindingen, is located on Bornholm. The Echo Valley in Almindingen is Bornholms longest rift valley. When you visit Ekkodalen, make sure to test the echo. Try to call towards the cliffside and listen for the echo to come back. Perhaps you can bring a picnic basket that you can enjoy in Almindingen forest.


Ice cream at Sandvig IS Kalas

Eat ice cream or drink coffee with the family at Sandvig Is Kalas. Sandvig IS Kalas and the café Kalas-Kalas is situated just on top of the cliffs at the harbour of Sandvig. Experience the fantastic view and enjoy the hygge.


Enjoy a day at Dueodde beach

Walk in the clear white sand and swim in the baltic sea. A day at the beach with family and friends is true hygge.


Spend a day on Christiansø

What can be more hygge, than a small civilian community of around 100 people? The islands of Christiansø and Frederiksø have a school, church, lighthouse, post office, library, community centre, a museum, a tenting area, a grocery shop and an inn. You visit Christiansø by ferry, Christiansøfarten.


Boating with M/S Thor

Go on a boat trip with M/S Thor from Gudhjem or the Sanctuary cliffs (Helligdomsklipperne). Get the most beautiful view from the ocean over the spectacular cliffs.


Norresan Gudhjem

Enjoy the sea, the joy, the silence and the delicacies at norresan café. The view from here is something else. Enjoy a lemonade or a glass of wine here, while overlooking the ocean.


Dinner at Restaurant Le Port

In addition to delicious food, Restaurant Le Port in Vang has an amazing terrace. Here you can enjoy a glass of wine and a nice dinner, overlooking the most beautiful sunset.


Boss Cykler (bicycles)

Rent a bike and bike around Bornholm. Find a route you want to explore by bike, or try to cycle around the whole island. It's fun, beautiful, healthy and HYGGE with the family.


Torvehal Bornholm

Torvehal Bornholm is a market hall in the old Rønne Slaughterhouse - here you can buy local produced foods, under one roof. There is also a café and a wine bar. Spend a relaxed day among local products.


Værftet - Nexø Skateboard Centre

For the children a cozy and fun day could consist of a trip to Værftet a skateboard centre, playland and café. The large skating hall has both ramps and rails. Go for it on skateboards, roller blades, scooter or BMX. They also have a small boulder wall you can try. You can buy drinks, ice cream and snacks in their café.

Hygge: The Danish Art of Cosiness

VisitDenmark has written a lot about the danish feeling of hygge.

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