Hiking route: The Listed Trail

If you want to experience more of Listed’s scenery than “just” the harbour, this short hike around the scenery surrounding the fishing village is an obvious choice.

Gitte Holtze

Hiker and outdoor freak as well as journalist, lecturer and author of "jeg lever" about Gitte's hike along the Pacific Crest Trail and "Gå langt", a guidebook to long hikes.


Approximately one hour
3.3 km (round trip)
Difficulty level:
Easy with a single steep climb on a nature trail
Suitable for prams and wheelchairs:
At Listed Harbour
At Listed Harbour
Access to water:
The public toilets at Listed Harbour
Nature trail, asphalt, grass footpath
Special remarks:
Spend some time enjoying the view of the sea from Gulehald, the special rocky outcrop at Listed Harbour.


Map of the route

Below you can download a pdf with an A4 map of the route.

Route description

In the car park at Listed Harbour is a yellow box on a pole. This marks the start of the Listed Trail (and the box contains a leaflet of the route). The first part follows the road away from the harbour and to the left down the coastal path, which shortly after becomes a proper path across the Vaseå river.

Kyststien (the island’s coastal path) is also here, which continues towards Svaneke. Just after the river, however, the Trail curves away from the coastal path to the right; follow the yellow arrows across the road and into the woods on the opposite side along Vaseå river. Shortly after you pass the old waterworks, designed in 1951 by Jørn Utzon and quite unique with its hexagonal shape and long grass on the roof.

Further along the route, the path winds across the stream and up through the forest to the road and Bornholm’s oldest and impressive 300-year-old oak tree.

Turn right towards Listed, then look out for the yellow arrows, because shortly after you’ll turn left along a grassy path surrounded by trees and bushes, before the landscape opens up and you’re walking with a view of the farmland that also makes up a large part of the island.

Take a sharp right along the paved Lillehøjvej road back towards Listed. On the way you’ll pass the listed burial mound Lillehøj, from where there is a lovely view of the harbour and the sea. Follow the road for the last stretch towards the harbour and soak up the small fishing village vibe.


Places on the route:

On this hike, you get a chance to visit the following places:


Bay Frost

Visit Bay Frost i Listed. Here you will find delicious special coffee and homemade cake. You can also enjoy a drink in the evening sun.

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