Værfeldtsgård Viking Homestead

Visit the Viking Homestead Værfeldtsgård during your vacation.

Carved works, crafts and viking handicrafts

The farm from approx. 1860 frames all activities.

In the farmhouse you find the shop with homemade products – and the exhibition on the viking handicrafts, materials and tools.

Furthermore there is the viking hall with a large fireplace, where we have our viking parties. It is also possible to rent the viking hall for private gatherings.

The workshop and smithy is where Jacob produces his interesting products – and has workshops on different viking handicrafts.

In the yard you can see viking embellishments and ornaments on the doors, the nordic gods as felt masks.

By the entrance to the viking hall you find Odin, cut out in the willow, ”keeping an eye” on what is going on.

Gårdkonen (a small freestanding house in the yard) is a smithy.

The old 4-winged farm tells a story from ancient times – come and feel the athmosphere!


Opening hours this week:

Tlf. +45 5697 4864

E-mail vikingegaard@gmail.com

Web www.vikingegaard.dk

Dalegårdsvej 2

3720 Aakirkeby

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