Behind the scenes to local produce

Get behind the stories of several of the island's refined products when the island's producers invite you inside for refreshments of local drinks and good entrepreneurial stories.

Written by Joan Øhrstrøm

Photo by: Semko Balcerski

Høstet – drinks in the countryside

At the country’s first organic sea buckthorn plantation – Høstet- Camilla and Mads produce everything with sea buckthorn – from juice, juice, syrup to jam and sea buckthorn flakes. You can taste it all in the plantation’s farm shop, where they generously hand out tastings. There is also the opportunity to taste the sea buckthorn on the outdoor tours, where the couple talks about their work as sea buckthorn entrepreneurs. On Fridays all summer long, you can enjoy a ‘Bohato’, the Bornholm version of a mojito, in the afternoon sun.

Nordic Fermentation – a sour and bubbly pleasure

From a small microbrewery in Nexø, Malene brews kombucha on surplus leaves from Høstet. In addition to fermented soft drinks, there is also sustainability on the menu at Nordic Fermentation, which invites you inside for a story about the healthy soft drinks and how she transforms residual products into other delicious products. Come and taste the local kombucha, which has a lot of delicious Bornholm berries and herbs added to it, and which in its taste is reminiscent of a mixture of cider and beer.

The living kitchen – A food community

In Det Levende Køkken in Østermarie, they work with everyday healthiness for people of all ages. As a group, you can get the story of the place, which has managed to shake up people’s eating habits over the past almost eight years, based on an experimental approach with a penchant for vegetables. Maybe you get to challenge your understanding of food when, for example, a bean brownie is served for coffee.

Svaneke Brewery – the story behind the beer

At the 100 per cent organic and CO2-neutral Svaneke Brewery, it is always possible to have tastings served in the restaurant next to the old boilers and tanks. In addition, they also arrange tours of the new brewery, where you can taste beer, just as you get the story of the brewery’s development since it started 22 years ago as a pioneer in a microbrewery and as one of the country’s first restaurant breweries in recent times.

Small Batch – the taste of quality and geekiness

On a tour of the brewery, Small Batch in Rønne, where quality is the most important parameter, you are guaranteed not to get thirsty. Because on the trip around the brewery, you taste ten selected beers from the brewery’s total of 20 different quality beers, ranging from completely light to dark and mysterious. Along the way, Johnny tastes the refreshments with beer-related stories, eagerly recounting how beer is best made and stored and about the brewery’s history and beer philosophy.

Penyllan Brewery – beer and robbery stories

Come for a tour of Penyllan Brewery and get a tour of 10,000 years of beer history accompanied by lots of tastings along the way. On the tour, you can taste regular beer and special beers, a glass of wine, or a soda. After the tour, visiting the brewery’s bar or buying something to take home from the shop is possible. Food is also served throughout the summer.

Wild Distillery – make your own gin & tonics

Visit the gin producer Henrik, who constantly chases the most perfect gin. Learn about the process behind the tasty drops on a short tour around the Distillery, or immerse yourself in the geekiness with a long-lasting tasting, where you, under expert guidance, make your own three gin & tonics. Henrik honestly tells about the joys and challenges of putting new standards for Nordic spirits.

Bornholm Distillery – flowers and berries from Slotslyngen

In Rønne at Bornholm Distillery, the ambition is to pass on the scent and taste of the sunshine island through gin, aquavits and schnapps with ingredients from the island’s nature. But how does Martin capture the Bornholm soul in liquor bottles? You can gain insight into this by participating in tours or tastings, where in addition to insight into the company’s history, he also provides insight into a selection of products.

As a guest, you can book the tours with the above companies via their website, from where you will also find information about the tours’ times, duration and prices.




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