The People's Meeting "Folkemødet" on Bornholm

Democracy in the open air! The People's Meeting in Allinge is Denmark's festival about the society's opportunities and challenges.

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The People’s Meeting “Folkemødet” is a unique platform

The People’s Meeting “Folkemødet” in Allinge is a unique platform with open debates where politics meets citizens, business people and organisations under informal forms on Bornholm.

A counterpart to the Swedish Almedalveckan

Folkemødet is a Danish counterpart to the famous Swedish Almedalveckan, which each year draws up to 100,000 visitors to the Swedish island of Gotland.

The People’s Meeting 2021

The People’s Meeting 2021 takes place from 17 – 19 June, 2021 – with both online and real events.

Book your accomodation in advance

If you want to come to Bornholm during the People’s Meeting, we recoomend to you, that you book your accommodation well in advance. Many hotels, pensions and other accommodation possibilities on Bornholm are fully booked during the People’s Meeting.

Free-of-charge seminars and encounters

Basically, the idea of the People’s Meeting is that politicians, business, NGO’s and any citizen, come together for free-of-charge seminars and encounters.

The People’s Meeting is for everybody

The People’s Meeting is open for everybody, who wants to participate in the various meetings and events and as a guest it is free to participate in the events of the People’s Meeting. However, almost all meetings and events are in Danish only.

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