Hammeren Fyr

Hammeren fyr - or Hammeren Lighthouse - is located on Hammerknudens highest elevation.

Hammeren Lighthouse from 1872
Hammeren fyr – or Hammeren Lighthouse – was built on Hammerknudens highest elevantion, Ørnebjerget (the Eagle’s hill), in 1872 – built og granite blocks, that were quarried out just a couple of hundred metres from here. Because of its high location, 82 metres (270 feet) above sea level, its light often can be hidden by low hanging clouds or fog. For this reason, Hammerodde fyr, the smaller lighthouse down the hill on Bornholms northernmost tip, was built in 1895 as a supporting lighthouse.

Hammeren fyr was taken out of regular service in 1990, but since 2011 there is again shining a light from the top of the lighthouse during nighttime.

Popular sight
Hammeren fyr is accessable for the public, the entrance is free, and from the top of the lighthouse you have a breathtaking view on the whole of Northbornholm – and even over to the Southeastcoast of Sweden.


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