Article Hiking route: Cirkelstien (The Circular Path)

A shorter hike across northern Bornholm that includes the opportunity to see the unique petroglyphs near Allinge and is named after the circular footbridges along the way.

Gitte Holtze

Hiker and outdoor freak as well as journalist, lecturer and author of "jeg lever" about Gitte's hike along the Pacific Crest Trail and "Gå langt", a guidebook to long hikes.


 Approximately 1.5 hours
Just under 2.7 km (each way)
Difficulty level:
Suitable for prams and wheelchairs:
Yes, if they can navigate uneven grass.
At the parking lot at Madsebakke Petroglyphs in Allinge (Stadionvej 1) or at the parking lot at Hammershus (Slotslyngvej 9).
At Hammershus Visitor Center (Check opening hours here).
Access to water:
At Hammershus Visitor Center (Check opening hours here).
Asphalt, nature path, rocks, and gravel path.
Special remarks:
Take some time to study the petroglyphs at Madsebakke, which constitute the largest collection on the island.

Map of the route

Below you can download a pdf with an A4 map of the route.




Route description

From the parking lot at Madsebakke, follow the signs towards the petroglyphs. Take some time to explore Denmark’s largest petroglyph field, located here at Madsebakke. This field features human figures, animals, objects, and symbols carved, chiseled, painted, or etched into stones and rocks. Among the fascinating carvings at Madsebakke, you can find ancient depictions of ships and sun crosses, crafted over 3,000 years ago. By using the QR code on the signpost, you can examine the petroglyphs more closely than with the naked eye.

Vandrerute: Cirkelstien - Helleristning



From Madsebakke, follow the yellow arrows along the wide footpath west across the fields. Enjoy the panoramic views of the vast landscapes and the sea behind you. The route takes you up a small set of stairs (with a groove for strollers and more) to the first of three circular footbridges that give the Circular Path its name.

Vandrerute: Cirkelstien

Scenic Overlooks


From here, you’ll enter the forest, following the forest road sharply. You may share this road with the cattle that roam freely in the enclosed Nørreskov area. After a short distance, you’ll reach the next circular footbridge. This one is only 7 meters in diameter, but from it, you’ll have a beautiful view overlooking Hammerknuden and the sea.

Follow the yellow arrows through Nørreskov to Langebjergvej, which you’ll cross, then follow the terrain path alongside the road to Hammershus.

Vandrerute: Cirkelstien

Follow the yellow arrows on the route

There are three of these fascinating circular footbridges on the Circular Path.

The third and largest can be found by taking a short detour along the dirt road to the left, just after you encounter the smallest footbridge. The detour is a few hundred meters long, but if you plan to hike the Circular Path both to and from Hammershus, you can take the detour on your return journey. After passing the third footbridge, you can follow a well-marked path across the field and through the forest on the other side of the circular footbridge.

The path ends at the stairs you ascended on the outbound journey, allowing you to complete the Circular Path and return to the petroglyphs and the parking lot at Madsebakke.



Places on the route:

On this hike, you get a chance to visit the following places:



On a steep rocky prominence ... at the northern tip of Bornholm you'll find the impressive medieval fortress of Hammershus. It's a perfect destination for the whole family.


Hammershus besøgscenter - Brohuset

Experience Hammershus as you never have before from the Hammershus Visitor Center.


Rock Carvings - Madsebakke

The area of rock carvings at Madsebakke in Allinge is one of the largest areas on Bornholm


Dideriks Veranda

Dideriks Veranda - cafe and crafts shop - Bornholm. Visit our nice cafe and crafts shop. We serve fresh sandwiches, freshly pressed juice, coffee and cakes


Sandvig Is Kalas

Sandvig IS Kalas and the café Kalas-Kalas is situated just on top of the cliffs at the harbour of Sandvig. Every day we make tasty ice-cream out of ecological milk and local fruits.


Ellas restaurant og konditori

Ellas Restaurant and Café has more than 280 seats, separated in 3 living rooms, 2 gardens and a terrasse. In the ”armory” you can enjoy your meal surrounded by an impressive collection of both modern and antique handarms, such as hunting rifles, muzzleloaders, flint guns, military effetcts, rapiers, daggers and much more.


Hammerhavnens Kiosk

Hammerhavnens Kiosk is a café built on love and respect for fresh sandwiches and good ingredients, as well as good coffee and home-baked cakes.

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