10 exciting autumn activities for children on Bornholm

When you are on Bornholm for your autumn holiday, you can choose from many different activities for the whole family. We have put together an overview for you with 10 activities, that you can try both when it rains and when the sun is shining. You can go out into the beautiful nature, but we also have suggestions for what to do inside.

Here are our 10 suggestions for autumn activities


Bornholms Medieval Centre

What was it like to live during the Middle Ages? Try it by yourself



Do you want to see how big the Danish dinosaurs really were? Then go and see the exciting exhibition.


Bornholms Museum of Defense

Gun powder and canons, tanks, old uniforms and lots of other exciting things - welcome to the Bornholms Museum of Defense


Værftet - the dockyard

In this exciting playground in a former dockyard you can try a climbing wall and different games


Bornholm Birds of Prey Show

Do you want to come really close to a lot of Birds of Prey? Then go and visit the Birds of Prey center


Bison area in Almindingen Forest

Far into the forest of Almindingen there is a herd of about 15 bisons, that you can see. But keep a security distance of about 80 metres to the bisons, when you see them. Drive along Chr. X's vej, then you will be lead into the area.


Hammershus Castle Ruin

Visit Nothern Europes largest castle ruin, that resides proudly upon a cliff top - with a breathtaking view over the Baltic Sea.



Want to beat Mum or Dad when playing minigolf? And do you want to play on Northern Europes largest minigolf course? Then visit the cosy Bornpark outside of Østerlars


Climbing Park Nature Park Bornholm

If you are into climbing in the treetops - then why not trying the climbing park Nature Park Bornholm close to Rø?


Bornholmertårnet - the Bornholm Tower

Visit the Museum of Cold War, see a real jet fighter close by and enjoy the view from the top og the tower at a hight of 70 metres above ground

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