Travel + Leisure: The Tiny Island Changing New Nordic Cuisine

The American magazine Travel and Leisure has visited Bornholm. A beautiful article has come from it, which takes the reader around Nicolai Nørregaard from Kadeau, Hallegård, Stammershalle Beach Hotel and Svaneke.

On a dot of Danish land in the Baltic Sea, chefs have elevated local ingredients and sparked an island-wide culinary awakening.”

“One evening at dusk I headed deep into a thick forest with the young chef Nicolai Nørregaard, crunching leaves and twigs once trampled, perhaps, by the wild bison that roam there. As we crossed muddy troughs and slippery moss, Nørregaard ducked under a log, crouching low to pluck a mushroom from the muck. “That’s a cèpe,” he said, “my favorite.”

That is how the article, written by a journalist from Travel and Leisure, begins. The journalist follows Nicolai Nørregaard from Kadeau on a trip to find natural ingredients from the nature to the kitchen at Kadeau.

The article describes very vividly the wild Bornholm nature and, at the same time, tells a story of Nørregaard, who is from Svaneke, a town that once was a busy fishing town, and today is, what the journalist describes as the real-life Willy Wonka town, because of the many luxury products of sweets wich origins from Svaneke. Among others, liquorice by Johan Bülow, who opened its first store in Svaneke in 2007, and is today sold in high-end stores over the world.

Far out in the woods, Travel and Leisure visits the butcher Jørgen from Hallegaard. Hallegaard is located in the middle of the forest and, according to the journalist, the area looks like something taken from a Brothers Grimm fairytale. In the award-winning charcuterie there is a café and a shop, where you can buy and taste meat and homemade sausages. The journalist also visited Stammershalle Badehotel, which he sees as the culinary highlight of the north coast, because of the hotel itself and also the wonderful restaurant with the inventive dishes.

Read the entire beautiful article in the link at the bottom of the page.



The article mentions these places on Bornholm:


Kadeau Bornholm

Eat at the gourmet restaurant Kadeau - the Guide Michelin starred restaurant by the sea.


Lov i Listed

Experience arts and handcrafts at Lov in Listed.



Taste the delicacies of Bornholm from Hallegaard Gårdbutik in Østermarie.


Stammershalle Badehotel

Stay at Stammershalle Badehotel


Lakrids by Johan Bülow

Taste one of Bornholm's delicacies at Lakrids by Johan Bülow in Svaneke.



Book your accommodation at Hotel Nordlandet in Sandvig


Melsted Badehotel

Stay at Melsted Badehotel


Nexø Old Smokehouse

Nexø Gamle Røgeri, the old smokehouse in Nexø, is close to the waves of the Baltic Sea, just north of the city centre.

Read the full article here

Travel + Leisure article: The Tiny Island Changing New Nordic Cuisine

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