The coastal path: From Gudhjem to Svaneke

Half-timbered houses, raw rocky shores and relaxing fishing villages. The sections between Gudhjem and Svaneke gives you Bornholm with a capital B!

Helpful information regarding the trip

This is one of the medium-length sections of the coastal path. The terrain is varied, with the most dramatic elevation variations halfway on the route. You will pass through many smaller coastal towns and experience impressive natural phenomena that may also be among the slightly more unknown sights.

Here you’ll get the essential information about the coastal path section from  Gudhjem to Svaneke:

The route

Gudhjem Havn – Melsted – Saltuna – Randkløve – Haralds Havn – Ypnasted – Hellig Kvinde – Listed – Hammerslet – Svaneke

Lenght and degree of difficulty

Gudhjem – Saltuna, ca. 6 km. (Medium)
Saltuna – Bølshavn, ca. 6 km. (Medium-hard)
Bølshavn – Svaneke, ca. 5,5 km. (Medium)
I alt en strækning på ca. 17,5 km.

From start to finish

The trip starts at Gudhjem Harbour and ends at Svaneke Harbour. The trip lasts approx. 5-6 hours.


Directions and tips

This section of the coastal path is approx. 19 km long and can be divided into several subsections. You will walk very close to the raw and rocky coast for most of the trip. And if the weather is good, you get a fantastic view of Ertholmene.

Below, you will find directions to and from the different sights, as well as some tips and notes.
Furthermore, you can click on the pictures to get information about the sights.

Below is the route description and the attractions you will encounter on your way:



From Gudhjem Harbour, you follow the signs at the end of the harbour that’ll lead you back on the coastal path. From here, you take the stone staircase and follow the path along the coast, cross the campsite, to Melsted Harbour. The coastal path continues along a sandy beach, and shortly after, you have to cross a small bridge, after which you will soon pass Melsted Badehotel.

TIP: From Melsted Harbour, you can take a detour to the open-air museum, Melstedgård, and the local food culture house, Gaarden. Learn about the history of local country life and food culture. Take a cooking course or buy some local ingredients at Skafferiet. See more at


Randkløve Skår

From Melsted Badehotel, you just follow the signs, and enjoy walking very close to the coast. At some point, it will be easier to follow the bicycle road that run parallel with the coastal path, and that too is very close to the water. Soon you will pass Saltuna, and when you reach the “White House”, follow the path on the opposite side of the road again. Follow this beautiful path and go past Randkløve Skår – a two meters wide and 14 meters deep rift in the rocks. If you want to go all the way down into Randkløve Skår, go back along the path and follow the sign.

NOTE: At the car park on Randkløvevej 26, you will find a public restroom.



Continue along the coastal path from Randkløve Skår, and the terrain will soon rise to 20 meters above sea level. From Randkløve Skår to Ypnastad, you’ll have a fantastic view of the cliffs while walking in the beautiful forest. This subsection is, by some people, called the Cobra Trail and is a stunning stretch; it is also lesser-known to the public. Along the way, you’ll pass Harald’s Harbour, a small and secret harbour used by the resistance movement during WW2. The resistance movement smuggled Jewish refugees to Sweden and brought back weapons from this harbour. The occupying forces never discovered the harbour. Along the path, you’ll come across several idyllic small houses, farms and cottages before you reach the small fishing village Ypnastad. Along the way, you should be aware of private property areas, but if you stick to the coastal path, this shouldn’t be a problem.

NOTE: At Ypnasted car park you will find a public restroom.



From Ypnasted, the coastal path follows the rocky coast, and soon you’ll reach the City of Bølshavn. From Bølshavn, you’ll once again have to follow the bicycle path towards Svaneke. Follow the bicycle path till you reach the city of Listed. Along the route, you’ll walk past Hellige Kvinde (Holy Woman), a monumental stone surrounded by 16 smaller stones from the Iron Age. It is a tradition to greet the stone and wish oneself a safe trip. Soon you will arrive at Listed, and here you can take a break and grab a bit to eat.

NOTE: At Bølshavn and Listed you will find public restrooms. There are also several seafood restaurants in Listed, but if you’re hiking offseason, you should check the opening hours beforehand.



The last stretch from Listed to Svaneke is relatively easy. On this stretch, you’ll go through Nordskoven forest, beautiful cliffsides and granite filled landscapes. When you reach Svaneke, you follow the road on your left and arrive at the harbour.

NOTE: In Svaneke, you will find plenty of places to dine and shop, and there are also several accommodations.

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Literature about the coastal path on Bornholm

If you would like more information or map material for the coastal path on Bornholm, we recommend two books, both of which can be purchased in our webshop or at the tourist information on the island.

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